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Sachse Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in Sachse, TX

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    The foundations of your property are what hold it strong and safe. If there are issues it can deeply affect the entirety of your site, including the overall structure that you live or work in. Vitally important, you must make sure that the upkeep and measures in place are keeping it at its best. Here at Sachse Foundation Repair, we provide a range of services to the communities of Sachse, TX. We are a team of experts who work with only the latest technologies and equipment, using high-quality products and materials to ensure your absolute safety.

    About Us

    If you are looking for the number one foundation repair service here in Sachse, TX, you have come to the right place! With years of experience serving all kinds of properties including both residential and commercial sites, we provide a service that you can rely on to fix up the foundation of your property to a safe and long-lasting level quickly and efficiently. Our team are experts in this field and work with the highest quality materials, products, and methods to guarantee exceptional results. Please feel welcome to get in touch should you need support surrounding the foundation of your property and we will be pleased to provide recommendations and services.


    Here at Sachse Foundation Repair, we provide a range of services to our local communities. Incredibly passionate about what we do, we are pleased to support everyone in the Sachse, TX, region with high-quality foundation services at affordable prices. Achieving unbeatable results, our works guarantee a long-lasting improvement, restoring your property to a safe place to be. We are a group of experts who are vastly experienced in working on all kinds of properties. We can assist you in any circumstance including slab foundation repair, house leveling, drainage repair, cracked wall repair, and pier and beam repair. To find out more, please feel welcome to get in touch!

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    Slab Foundation Repair

    The slab foundation of your property is vital to the strength and stability of your property. If you notice signs of damage, get in touch immediately and a member of our team will come out to inspect the problem. Once the inspection has been completed we will provide you with a range of recommended next steps and can then perform your ideal service to completely rejuvenate the safety of your site. Get in touch today to find out more!

    metal beams below the house

    Pier and Beam Repair

    A pier and beam foundation is a raised foundation that is elevated with a series of concrete piers. There are several reasons why your foundation may require repairs; most commonly it is due to the rotting of wooden beams or shifting soil in the ground beneath. As your local experts, following a thorough inspection, we create a custom service that caters to your precise needs including a service that entirely resolves the problem with your foundation, and prices that suit you!

    “I noticed cracks around my front door and brought in Sachse Foundation Repair. They were so quick to become involved and sorted it within a couple of weeks. Highly recommend! – Amy A

    House Leveling

    Over time, your house or commercial property will sink deeper into the ground because of the effects of gravity. This is normal and will occur in every property to a certain extent. If the amount is too large, however, it can cause serious structural problems that need to be resolved with lengthy work. Before you reach this point, get in touch at the first sign of a problem with your foundation and we will be pleased to perform high-quality leveling services that you can rely on to be long-lasting and effective!

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    Drainage Repair

    The drainage system for the foundation of your property is essential to keep it strong and stable. It must be functioning effectively, allowing the removal of excess water away from the soil underneath the structure. If insufficient, and too much water gets in, the soil will swell and will cause serious problems to your building as the earth beneath it moves. As your local experts, we provide a drainage repair service that you can trust to direct the drains effectively, achieving absolute safety for your site.

    water pipes in the soil

    “Sachse Foundation Repair did an amazing job resolving the drainage issues I was having. They were friendly, helpful, and very efficient. Thanks!” – Trevor W

    cracks in the wall

    Cracked Wall Structural Repair

    If you notice cracks are starting to appear in your walls it may be a sign that there is some movement taking place in the foundations of your property. This may sound scary, but do not panic! Instead, simply get in touch with us here at Sachse Foundation Repair and we will be pleased to perform all the necessary inspections and services that will restore your site to safety and security once more. At the first sign of cracks, get in touch with us!

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    Commercial Foundation Repair

    Your commercial property must be a safe and sound place to be. As the local experts in all things foundation repairs, we can provide a service that you can rely on. Our inspectors will first come out and perform a detailed assessment of your property before a custom service is designed that will not only resolve the foundational issues but also keep your budget happy and your work day up and running at its best!

    “Sachse Foundation Repair dealt with the foundation of my warehouse. I was very worried but they explained everything clearly and got on with the job straight away. Now everything is fine!” – Ben L

    Contact Us Today

    If you are looking for help with the foundations of your property, you have come to the right place! As the local experts in all things foundations, our experts will restore your property to a safe and stable condition, that you can rely on to retain its newfound strength for many years to come. To get in touch, simply give us a call or complete the online contact form. You will find both of these listed here on this site. The phone line is available during office hours and the form at any time. If using the form, please fill it in with as much detail as you can and a member of our team will be pleased to call you back as quickly as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!