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Pier and Beam Repair

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Sachse Foundation Repair is the top foundation repair company here in Sachse, TX. With years of experience working on all kinds of foundations on diverse types of properties and conditions, we provide a service that you can rely on to completely restore the safety of your site. Utilizing only the latest technologies and the highest quality materials, equipment, and products, you can be assured of the best results when you work with us. For a team of experts who will create a custom service for your unique requirements, get in touch today to let us help you keep your home or commercial site safe and stable.

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation?

A pier and beam foundation is different from a concrete slab foundation. It is an elevated foundation that rests on concrete piers. It is usually positioned approximately 18 to 24 inches off the ground which allows for a crawlspace underneath your property that provides useful access should repairs be required to the foundation or other elements such as plumbing or electrical wiring. The elevated foundation is usually made of wood so the most common issues that we see are wood rotting and the effects of soil shifting due to moisture.

Pier and beam Foundation Repair

As your local experts, we provide a custom service that responds directly to the need of your property. Firstly, our expert team will perform a thorough inspection which will enable us to achieve a clear picture of the condition of the structure. Once completed, the team will draw together a range of recommended options to be undertaken. These will ensure absolute safety will be restored and may include measures such as crawl space repair, the installation of additional piers, or wood restoration.

Cost of Fixing Foundation

Many other companies charge high fees that only resolve the issue partially and will require future measures to be taken. Not us! We are a company here for our local communities. We understand the dangers that foundation problems can have on a site, so work hard to ensure we can help everybody who will benefit from our great work. We create a custom service in collaboration with you that guarantees not only the foundation is repaired fully, but also that we can cater to everything you need, such as prices being affordable and services performed at a good time for your schedule.

About Us

Always achieving exceptional results, our team of experts is here to ensure your property retains its strength and stability for many years to come. Our friendly team will work with you following the inspection process to create a custom service that suits every element of what you require. We understand how essential what we do is, and so do everything we can to make sure everyone who needs us can benefit from this work. We do this by offering flexible and convenient payment schedules as well as affordable prices. Just take a look at any foundation repair reviews for this area and see how good the experience our previous clients has been!

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