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House Leveling

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As the premier foundation repair contractor in the area, Sachse Foundation Repair has been providing the best solutions to house leveling in Sachse, TX, for many years. With vast experience, our team of experts provides a custom service that will resolve any issues, performing high-quality settlement repair, floor leveling, and concrete slab leveling that will transform your property to the safest it can be. Using only the latest technologies, equipment, and materials, you can be assured of an efficient and effective service that achieves long-lasting results. We keep our foundation settlement repair costs and other services low to ensure accessibility to all. To find out more about how to resolve your house leveling or settling problems, contact us today!

Settling Problems

So, what exactly are settling problems? Settling problems affect all kinds of foundations including but not limited to a Concrete Slab Foundation, Pier and Beam Foundation, and Block and Base foundation. Over the years, your home or commercial site will succumb to the pull of gravity in a downward force. This should only be a certain amount, and if too much occurs, it can cause serious problems that will require structural damage repair. As the number one foundation repair contractor, we provide a service that will restore your foundation back to its utmost strength, stability, and safety.

Signs to look out for…

There are some very clear signs that something is going wrong in the foundations of your property. If you notice any of these or suspect that there is a problem because of any other sign, please get in touch immediately and we will be pleased to send out an inspector. This can be the difference between a simple repair process or something much more complex. Signs to look for include: the sticking of windows or doors, water in the basement, problems with your roof, cracks in the exterior, walls, or ceilings, or sagging floors.

Leveling My Foundation

Foundation leveling is an exceptionally precise service that requires a team of experts to reach long-lasting success. As the number one local house leveling service provider, you can be assured of only the best when you work with us. This procedure can be performed in a range of ways which will be selected depending on the findings by our expert inspectors regarding the level of damage currently in place. They have a range of methods to draw from, each of which deals with a slightly different requirement. So, you can be assured, whatever the unique situation your property is in, our experts can provide the ideal service… if you are looking for someone to provide an exceptional ‘Leveling My House’ service you have come to the right place!

House raising

In some areas, it may be necessary for your house or commercial property to be rasied higher than it was originally built. This is often due to the necessity to meet flood protection regulations, as by raising the height of the property, you decrease your risk of damage from water. This service involves lifting your building with specialist equipment before a new and higher foundation is installed.

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