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Commercial Foundation Repair

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Your commercial site needs to be a place that people can feel safe in. As the local experts in foundation repair services for commercial properties, we provide a range of services that you can rely on to achieve the best for your site and restore it to a safe and stable condition. Our team of experts uses only the latest technologies, methods, and equipment to ensure that absolute effectiveness is the resolution. For long-lasting results that are affordable, convenient, and really work, contact us here at Sachse Foundation Repair today!

Foundation Inspection Service

If you start to notice any kinds of issues in the foundation of your commercial property, get in touch immediately, and a member of our expert inspection team will come out to you right away. They will thoroughly assess the site, paying meticulous attention to detail to gain a clear understanding of the current condition of your property, the building, and the land itself. With this information, a custom plan will be created which will ensure every element needed to be resolved is done so, and that the service will match your budgetary and scheduling requirements. In this plan, you will receive a free foundation repair quote which you can then discuss with your inspector.

Foundation Crack Repair

If your property is built on a concrete slab foundation, you may require a crack repair service. This, alongside all of our other foundation repair services, is done so with a state-of-the-art procedure that utilizes the latest technology, equipment, and products. Our expert team works carefully with the method that will most benefit the unique situation your foundation and property is in, to achieve results that will be long-lasting, effective, and completely restore safety and stability once more.

Foundation Leveling

Foundation leveling is required when the soil beneath your property is moving. This may be due to a number of reasons, but most commonly it will be due to a saturation of water in the soil underneath the foundation. If this is the case, our experts have several methods to draw from to best benefit your property. The custom service could require settlement repair, pier and beam foundation repair, foundation leveling, structural damage repair, and/ or a house raising service. As the number one provider of foundation repairs in this region, you can be assured that after a thorough inspection by our team, you will receive the best standard of service/s that will rejuvenate your site into the safe place it needs to be.


We understand that you have a budget that may not have allowed for major structural repair costs. If your property requires it, however, these works are essential and must be performed for the sake of you, all of the users of the property, and your business itself. So, we offer a custom service that enables you to create the treatment that suits you. This includes a range of prices, starting at very affordable and includes a diversity of appointment times to keep your working day up and running.

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